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Electrical Ιnstallation and Plumbing

Electrical Installation
The electrical installation is one of the most important chapters in the construction of a dwelling. Functionality and safety
is our priority. Due to the specificity of the islands, we recommend the installation of solar panel systems, for the power supply, to buildings outside the city zone.
Having experience and certified suppliers, we guarantee high quality solutions that are compatible with modern requirements.
The electrical works that we undertake are:

  • Ground installation after the excavations of the building.
  • Electrical installations for buildings and externals surroundings.
  • Solar panels, interconnected power generation systems autonomously.
  • Solar panels support system [generator].
  • External electrical installation and landscaping of buildings.

The specificity of the island and our sensitivity to the environment makes us want to find the best solutions to save water. It is imperative that there is the construction of additional water tanks, especially for building structures, outside the city zone. Usually, it is necessary to construct a sewage tank, because of the non-existence of a public sewage system. Water tank plumbing and sewage works are constructed to operate with the support of a pump.
Some of the plumbing works that we undertake:

  • Plumbing installations for buildings.
  • Installation of rainwater collection tanks.
  • The placement of pumps.
  • Installation of solar systems for hot water.
Electrical Ιnstallation and Plumbing