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MARRAS - Constructions

The MARRAS-CONSTRUCTIONS company has been established after many years of experience in the construction sector due to its reliability and premium quality. Collaborating with experienced architects and specialized teams, our company guarantees high construction and architectural standards.

In recent years, numerous hotel complexes and luxury villas have been built by our company many of which incurred reconstruction from traditional buildings in the Cyclades region. Our experience, in connection with aesthetically pleasing construction in accordance with the strict timetable and our professionalism in general, has established us in construction based on Folegandros Island.

We create high quality and well-designed buildings which reveal the Greek light and the endless blue of the Cycladic sea. Our constructions follow the traditional Cycladic architecture while respecting the amenities of modern life. Modern materials with exceptional strength, according to the requirements of each building and high quality of traditional materials such as local stone and wood are used.

Our goal is the harmonious integration of the buildings with the natural environment. For this reason our company will also advise the customer with the correct choice of plot, the positioning of the building in relation to the ground and the wind direction which is very important for the existence of man with nature.

The buildings are constructed to fit spatially into the existing environment. Local stone is used to create benches, other outdoor venues and terraces which are adapted so as not to break the continuity of the landscape and to offer the best view with the appropriate lighting.